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Mounted Bearings
Mfg: ABB Published: 2014 Version: 5000 ICA3001 446 pages
. Set screw Features/Benefits ... and fungal growth All stainless hardware and fittings Housing strength exceeds ... When tightening base bolts, each bolt should be alternately tightening in incremental ... , it will be necessary to remove grease fitting to permit excess grease to escape. Add to My Library
Industrial Electrical Protection
Mfg: Salisbury Electrical Safe Published: 2014 Version: 070512-RV040813 94 pages
The NFPA 70E Standard and OSHA Regulations have been established to protect workers ... 70E Standard specifies areas in which arc flash protection is required for workers. ... All personnel within the defined boundaries must wear specified protective equipment, ... We take your safety seriously. Add to My Library
Product Catalog
Mfg: Rack-A-Tiers Published: 2014 Version: 2014-2015 Cat 48 pages
One-bolt disassembly – no welding required for service ... Screw type telescoping reel jack for 46 to 96" diameter reels. ... end that eliminates tied, frayed, burned out, or ruined cords and connectors ... -Lok is the "must have" locking retro-fit/replacement connector for extension cords. Add to My Library
Compression Connectors and Tooling Systems
Mfg: Belden Published: 2014 Version: 062014 36 pages
Connectors provides superior pullout strength ... RG59 Connector Description Universal F Connector Universal BNC Connector Universal RCA Connector Universal F Connector Universal BNC Connector Universal RCA Connector ... NO screws, keys or other adjustment pieces to manage Add to My Library
Lighting Solutions Cat 130
Mfg: Progress Ltg Published: 2014 Version: 100323 676 pages
Table of Contents ... Sconces ... Progress Lighting’s range of Lifestyle classifications offer fixtures that represent ... Customize and accentuate your favorite rooms by simply selecting the perfect medley ... Crystal, lustrous fabrics and hand-carved ornamental patterns are incorporated to ... Add to My Library
Enclosure Catalog
Mfg: Fibox Published: 2014 Version: Version 4.1 181 pages
Wall fastening lugs included; optional mounting flanges ... Enclosure mounting foot kit. 10-32 screws for panel mounting. Screw cover versions with 4 stainless cover screws. Hinged screw cover versions with stainless hinge pin and 2 cover screws.Hinged cover versions with latched cover ... Add to My Library
Powr Gard Products
Mfg: Littelfuse Published: 2014 Version: PF101N 5-A-060114 212 pages
We offer a broad and reliable selection of fuses, fuse blocks, protection relays, and ... Piedras Negras ... Today, Littelfuse offers a broader range of products addressing protection, sensing, ... keep our products and technical resources at your finger tips! ... . 63 MEGA® Bolt-Down Fuses . Add to My Library
M.2 NGFF Connectors
Mfg: Tyco Electronics Published: 2014 Version: 1-1773702-1 8 pages
Big in possibilities. ... IN MINIATURE. M.2 (NGFF) Connectors Meet the M.2 NGFF connector, the new interface standard for tomorrow’s smaller, ... y ... There are two type of module cards, soldered down and connectorized. ... M.2 connectors support both single and double-sided module cards. Add to My Library
The Contractors Choice
Mfg: Allied Moulded Published: 2014 Version: 2014 Cat 68 pages
Z” brackets with metal spurs to fasten wall boxes to wood or steel studs. ... C. Tapered and machine tapped device holes allow device screw to be started by hand and speed installation time with high torque ... Steel stud screws for use with non-load bearing studs 22 gauge or lighter Add to My Library
Fittings for the Electrical Industry
Mfg: Lew Electric Published: 2014 Version: Cat # 1113 32 pages
L eLeCtriC Lew Fittings Company serving the electrical industry since 1901 ... Brass replacement cover for SWB-6 series (screw plug lid) Aluminum replacement cover for SWB-6 series (screw plug lid) ... Round PVC box with (2) 3/4" hubs, (2) 1" hubs, (2) 3/4" reducers, (4) 1/2" reducers, pre- ... Add to My Library
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