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Combiner Boxes for Solar Arrays
Mfg: Cablofil Published: 2011 Version: 101011 3 pages
Legrand CB Series Combiner Boxes are designed to simplify solar array wiring and reduce your on-site labor costs. No need to assemble multiple components, the CB Series is customized to fit the exact needs of your array with a wide variety of circuit capacity, fuse and disconnect options to fit small or large arrays. Add to My Library
Cable Management Data Market
Mfg: Cablofil Published: 2013 Version: CAB_0513 3 pages
Cablofil is the US leader in cable pathways for data cabling. It is easily adaptable to complex spaces like communication closets and data centers and it installs quickly reducing overall installed costs by 50%. Cablofil is constructed of precision engineered, high quality, welded steel wire and can be adapted to fit any installation on-site. Add to My Library
Bonding and Grounding Wire Mesh Cable Tray
Mfg: Cablofil Published: 2008 Version: Bro0803 3 pages
Don’t be misled by false advertising claims relating to field cut wire mesh cable tray voiding UL Classification. Recent claims have suggested a field cut (modification) to cable tray for the creation of bends and turns will cause that system to lose its UL Classification. If you take what UL states literally, ANY cut to tray (ladder or wire) would cause a loss of Add to My Library
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