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Panasonic Lighting Product Catalog
Mfg: Panasonic Published: 2001 Version: LPD-0097B/101 28 pages
Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. has manufactured electrical products tha t have significantly enhanced the quality of life throughout the world. As a Matsushita enterprise, we at Panasonic Lighting actively promote the company's global, humanistic philosophy, "to contribute to the progress and development of society and the well-being of people." Add to My Library
Specifications & Applications Product Catalog
Mfg: Panasonic Published: 1997 Version: LPD-0097 28 pages
Secaucus, N.J., is a unit of Matsushita Electric facilities, health care facilities and a variety of For over 75 other buildings, our company's products continue years, MECAs parent company, Matsushita to be performance-proven in a multitude of light electrical products that have significantly enhanced the quality of life throughout the world. Add to My Library
RF Modules
Mfg: Panasonic Published: 2009 Version: CY09-012-3000 28 pages
Panasonic Electronic Components provides powerful, highly fl exible, cost effective RF Modules for a wide variety of wireless New extended range products and small footprints combined with network fi rmware fl exibility make Panasonic an industry leader in the development of cutting edge RF Module technology. Add to My Library
Ventilation Fans
Mfg: Panasonic Published: 2011 Version: VF10265CAT 26 pages
STAR Partner of the Year in recognition of our longstanding commitment to energy efficiency and to conserving our planet’s resources. Homes designed and built in recent years are more airtight and energy efficient than in the past. But pollutants retained in airtight buildings can be hazardous to their occupants and can jeopardize structural integrity. Add to My Library
Compact Photoelectric Sensor
Mfg: Panasonic Published: 2010 Version: CE-CX400-2-3 24 pages
Sensors that are environmentally and user friendly. The total lineup of 148 models covers through the inclusion of a newly developed custom integrated circuit. This CX-400 series upgrade achieves a significantly higher reliability in the same package as the older model. The lens material is made of a strong acrylic that resists the harmful effects of coolants. Add to My Library
Trimmer Potentiometers
Mfg: Panasonic Published: 2015 Version: 2015.5 21 pages
All products in this catalog comply with the RoHS Directive. The standard packaging methods for a reel is 0178. Please contact us, if you would like different packaging methods. Design and specifications are each subject to change without notice. Ask factory for the current technical specifications before purchase and/or use. Add to My Library
Programmable Controller FP-X
Mfg: Panasonic Published: 2005 Version: ARCT1B255E 200505-1.2XT 20 pages
A compact general-purpose PLC was created for meeting the needs of small-scale equipment control by responding to user feedback. FP-X solves the needs rapidly and reliably with its high performance. The processing speed of 0.32 Jlsec, sufficient for a compact PLC, is even applicable when high-speed scanning is required. Add to My Library
Inverter Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Products
Mfg: Panasonic Published: 2014 Version: 77750 CS4_1118 20 pages
Use of the AHRI Certified™ mark indicates a manufacture's participation in the certification program. Because its products are subject to continuous improvements, Panasonic reserves the right to modify product design and specifications without notice and without incurring any obligations. ©Copyright 2012, Panasonic Air Conditioning Products. Add to My Library
Ventilation Fans Brochure
Mfg: Panasonic Published: 2011 Version: VF11089BRO 19 pages
Design and specifications subject to change without notice. Printed with soy ink on 10% post-consumer recycled paper. So, what’s the big idea? Actually, it’s a series of little ideas, motivated by the desire to make people’s lives simpler, more enjoyable, more productive or more secure. It all started nearly a century ago, with our founder’s simple yet profound idea that our purpose is to contribute to the well-being of our customers and the betterment of society. Add to My Library
Device Product Catalog
Mfg: Panasonic Published: 2014 Version: 2014.7 17 pages
Panasonic is accelerating its BtoB activities in all elds of business. And spearheading those activities is the Automotive & Industrial Systems Company.* Panasonic has cultivated extensive product development know-how in worldwide markets as a com-prehensive electronics manufacturer. This know-how is not only concentrated in the individual devices supplied by Panasonic, but also used and cross-linked to create the power to shape new solutions. Add to My Library
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