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Product Guide 8
Mfg: Outback Power Published: 2015 Version: PG012015 82 pages
OutBack Power Technologies is the leading designer and manufacturer of advanced power conversion components and systems for renewable energy, backup, and mobile applications. ... Identified by Pike Research as “far and away the leading brand in the remote microgrid market,” OutBack’s leadership a... Add to My Library
Product Guide 7
Mfg: Outback Power Published: 2013 Version: PG7713 59 pages
As a member of The Alpha Group, a global alliance of independent companies, OutBack shares a common philosophy: create best-in-class power solutions for communications, commercial, industrial and renewable energy applications. ... With the pure sine-wave inverter, renewable and back-up energy sys... Add to My Library
New and Noteworthy 2
Mfg: Outback Power Published: 2013 Version: N&N2 1013 12 pages
Staying powered-up in the “catcher’s mitt” for storms ... Considering the frequency of storms and the area of exposure, the United States’ gulf coast is a virtual magnet for life-altering weather events and a region where widespread outages and disruption are seasonal occurrences. ... As one of t... Add to My Library