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Products for Electric Utility Industry
Mfg: Nordic Fiberglass Published: 2010 Version: 2010 Catalog 59 pages
SMC is a thermosetting compound which is pre-mixed with pig-ments that are molded into the fi berglass and cannot peel. ... GS units are produced of fi re-retardant resin and a combination of chopped glass spray-up and hand lay-up using 18 oz. woven roving glass reinforcement for great strength. ..... Add to My Library
Wind Farm Products
Mfg: Nordic Fiberglass Published: Version: Catalog 8 pages
Nordic leads the way with the first “chuted” fiberglass box pad. ... This unique design enables workers to fit the chute against the tower’s base cable opening. ... Underground cables from the tower are protected by the box pad all the way to the pad-mount transformer. ... Nordic’s standard RT (r... Add to My Library