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Enclosure Systems
Mfg: Vynckier Enclosure Sys In Published: 2011 Version: 92007 Page-Intl. 254 pages
In 1962, Vynckier became the leader in FRP enclosures by being the first to market FRP enclosures. ... Having a wealth of diverse experiences, Vynckier is a progressive company committed to excellence and performance. ... Vynckier enclosures conform to national and international standards. ... Pr... Add to My Library
Non-Metallic Enclosures
Mfg: Vynckier Enclosure Sys In Published: 1993 Version: Fam/6-93 34 pages
Vynckier enclosures protect your valuable equipment from the many adverse conditions that exist in today's industrial environments. ... Manufactured from hot compression-molded FRP (fiber glass reinforced polyester), Vynckier enclosures are light weight, durable, watertight and a non-corroding al... Add to My Library