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Mfg: Suntech Power - Usa Published: 2009 Version: NHB 10.2009 9 pages
Solar energy is a sustainable, renewable and ... affordable way to power your home and protect the environment. ... Not to mention protecting your wallet against ever-rising utility rates. ... If you want to save money, you know solar is the answer. ... More and more homeowners are discovering it... Add to My Library
Intro Reliathon
Mfg: Suntech Power - Usa Published: 2010 Version: EN-Reliathon-Apr.14.2010 8 pages
The next step for utility-scale solar ... The secret to scaling solar is not simply building bigger power plant components. ... It’s redesigning and integrating best-of-breed industry components so they work better together. ... To accomplish this, Suntech developed a new utility-grade module, Re... Add to My Library
Off Grid Module Product Catalog
Mfg: Suntech Power - Usa Published: 2013 Version: Brochure 8 pages
Suntech offers the widest range of off-grid solar panels (from 5W to 140W) designed for applications from telecommunications, water pumping, and instrumentation to solar lighting in remote and rural areas. ... These stand alone systems supply electricity to areas where there are no electrical gri... Add to My Library
Just Roof
Mfg: Suntech Power - Usa Published: 2010 Version: Brochure 2 pages
The electrical characteristics of the module are measured at standard test conditions of 1000W/m2 irradiance, AM 1.5 spectrum, 25ºC cell temperature. ... 5 Years Warranty: Against defects or failure cause by workmanship and in materials ... 12 Years Warranty: we guarantee that your modules will b... Add to My Library