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Full Line Catalog Wiring Devices
Mfg: Bryant Published: 2009 Version: BC001 388 pages
Building on more than 122 years of excellence, Bryant Electric offers an expanded and enhanced product offering for industrial, commercial, institutional and residential markets. Our new product lines and product enhancements showcased in this latest catalog continue to combine the innovation, value, quality and superior performance you’ve grown to expect from Bryant. Add to My Library
Full Line Catalog
Mfg: Bryant Published: 2008 Version: 10008 382 pages
BRY8200RED Bryant hospital grade receptacles are specifically designed to provide maximum safety and withstand severe abuse in hospitals and heavy-duty industrial applications. In addition to the transparent angle plug, Bryant offers a complete line of straight body design hospital grade plugs and connectors in white and transparent thermoplastic, 15 amp and 20 amp, 125 and 250V. Add to My Library
Wiring Device Catalog BDB-1507
Mfg: Bryant Published: 1997 Version: BDB-1507 340 pages
Catalog features over 1,000 new catalog numbers to meet your needs for quality wiring devices today and tomorrow. Forerunners of our next generation of devices,today's improved locking plug and connector series offers a full spectrum of advanced features. Product dimensions in this catalog are nominal and are provided for the conve nience of our customers. Add to My Library
Wiring Device Catalog
Mfg: Bryant Published: 1990 Version: BDB-1505 236 pages
The Grand Award honors the single product voted by the magazine's readers as the most outstanding new product introduced to the industrial plant engineering market. This is the first time that a wiring device manufacturer has earned this prestigious award. Worki ng closely together, we pledge to do ou r utmost to merit your continued confidence. Add to My Library
Economy Cable Grips
Mfg: Bryant Published: 1995 Version: BDB-1600 12/95 36 pages
are application-specific design to enable the user to select the most product for the project at hand. safety and designed to last. Each grip is engineered specific performance and manufactured levels within a variety to meet highly of demanding cations. These include use in industrial strain relief, support, and cable pulling. Add to My Library
Industrial Wiring Devices
Mfg: Bryant Published: 1996 Version: BDB-8122 3/96 36 pages
industry firsts, including the first nylon plugs and connectors, the first complete line of NEMA configurations, and the first internal "Triple-GrippefID" cord grip design. As we approach the next millennium, Bryant continues the pioneering legacy with the next gener ation of wiring devices for demanding industrial and construction applications. Add to My Library
Occupancy Sensors
Mfg: Bryant Published: 2011 Version: BLBHM001 16 pages
Adaptive Technology is a BRYANT delivers benefits to both building owners and occupants. The building owner achieves reduced energy costs, fewer adjustments and less maintenance, and the building occupant experiences fewer false-offs and disturbances. Adaptive technology occupancy sensors use microprocessors that make all the decisions for setting adjustments. Add to My Library
Healthcare Solutions
Mfg: Bryant Published: 2010 Version: BPB103 12 pages
This brochure is designed to not only help you understand what “Hospital Grade” really means, it is intended to help you become familiar with some of the most common Bryant products that are typically used in hospital and healthcare applications and to help facilitate your search for these items. Add to My Library
Metal Raceway
Mfg: Bryant Published: 2010 Version: BPB106 12 pages
HBL5701C coupling furnished with each length. Two gang box base has a rectangular KO and concentric ½ in. Three through six gang box bases have one ½ in. Single gang box base has two ½ in. Three gang box base has one ½ in. For deep devices or applications where additional room is beneficial. Single gang box base has two ½ in. Add to My Library
Motor Controllers and Disconnects
Mfg: Bryant Published: 2010 Version: BPB101 12 pages
10,000 Amp high fault short circuit withstand rating. For use in any industrial environment. Ideal component switch for motor control and as a disconnect. Toggle controllers can be built into equipment and enclosures for either box or panel-mount installation. Toggle HP Rating Catalog Numbers Handle Kit for rotary: includes handle, shaft, mounting brackets and required screws 6610MK Add to My Library
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