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Comprehensive Lighting Handbook
Mfg: Lightolier Published: 2006 Version: LOL282006 875 pages
For over 100 years, Lightolier has been committed to great lighting, lighting that makes a difference for people and business. Advanced optical and mechanical engineering delivers the maximum usable light outl'lut while minimizing the presenoe at the ceiling. Independent control means ceiling luminance can be maintained while varying direct light levels on horizontal surfaces. Add to My Library
General Purpose Downlighting
Mfg: Lightolier Published: 2006 Version: LOL7029 66 pages
Within a single integrated system, Lytecaster can provide general and ambient lighting, wall washing, accent lighting and task lighting. Carefully designed to complement any decor, Lytecaster downligllts can be combined vvith track, decorative lighting and controls to achieve a totally integrated lighting design. Add to My Library
Soft Lights Recessed Fluorescent
Mfg: Lightolier Published: 2006 Version: LOL1002 56 pages
Making the most of art and engineering. With the widest palette of forms, materials and textures drawn from the world of architecture, Lightolier explores new ways of integrating lighting into the workplace. The results are distinctive, refreshing designs with solutions for a broad range of lighting budgets. Add to My Library
LytePoints Linear Recessed Downlighting
Mfg: Lightolier Published: 2006 Version: LOL7012 28 pages
Transformer Noise Some noise is produced by low-voltage lighting systems from both the lamp themselves and transformers, especially when dimmed. This noise can be audible depending on the lamp / transformer combination, the level of background noise, the absorbency of the surrounding surfaces and the hearing of the people involved. Add to My Library
Lytecaster Energy Start
Mfg: Lightolier Published: 2006 Version: A.I.A. Division 16 18 pages
If every household in the United States changed the lighting in one room of their home to ENERGY STAR, we would save more than 800 billion kWh of energy and keep one trillion pounds of greenhouse gases out of the air; Our annual energy savings alone would be equivalent to the annual output of more Add to My Library
Task Lighting
Mfg: Lightolier Published: 2006 Version: LOL7027 18 pages
All rights reserved. Certain products illustrated in this catalog may be protected by applicable patents and patents pending. Lightolier will aggressively defend all of its intellectual property. We reserve the right to change details of design, materials and finishes. fluorescent or high intensity discharge (HID) lamps that contain small amounts of mercury. Add to My Library