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Electric Heating
Mfg: King Electrical Mfg Published: 2002 Version: Catalog 2002 112 pages
A optional built-in control circuit transformer will provide a control circuit voltage differing from the supply voltage. ... The primary of the transformer is normally the same voltage as the heater supply while the secondary supplies the re quired control voltage. ... Standard secondary voltage... Add to My Library
Product Catalog
Mfg: King Electrical Mfg Published: 2005 Version: Catalog 2005 112 pages
For heating large areas or entry ways that need quick realvery such as reo ception areas and family rooms. ... This compact and quiet operating heater/fan make this the choice of boaters and campers. ... This small, convenient and quiel unit heater has an anractlve finish to blend in any decor wh... Add to My Library
Thermostat and Controls Catalog
Mfg: King Electrical Mfg Published: 2007 Version: 2007 Catalog 36 pages
Following are some of the terms used in this catalog, as used in the control industry: ANTICIPATION, HEATING: The obility 01 0 Ihermostot to terminate heating at a lower temperature and in advance of the time that the air temperature at the thermostat would normally couse the thermostat to cycle ... Add to My Library
Silent Hydronic Fan Heating H Series
Mfg: King Electrical Mfg Published: Version: Catalog 16 pages
Hydronic heating is one of the oldest central heating systems. ... Utilizing the hot water from a boiler or hot water heater flowing in pipes throughout a building, 1950s hydronic systems were often inconsistent with some rooms hot, some not, as the water cooled during circulation. ... The system... Add to My Library