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Overhead Products Catalog
Mfg: Hendrix Wire And Cable Published: 2000 Version: March UD-1 263 pages
Buyer to vary in any de!1ee any of the terms hereof is hereby deemed material and is objected to and rejected. ... Shipments and deliveries shall at all times be subject to the continuing approval of Hendrix Credit Department, upon whose information Hendrix may decline to make shipment or may req... Add to My Library
Overhead Products
Mfg: Hendrix Wire And Cable Published: 1999 Version: 499 50 pages
Covered conductors consist of stranded hard drawn aluminium conductors with either one, two or three extruded layers depending on the voltage rating. ... Covered conductors are available in black or gray depending on visual pref-erence. ... Reduced NESC phase spacing is possible due to high impul... Add to My Library
Molded Products Divison HPI Insulators
Mfg: Hendrix Wire And Cable Published: Version: Catalog 18 pages
1960’s. ... The first production units were shipped in 1966, giving Hendrix well over 40 years of field experience as of this date. ... In the mid 1970’s, Hendrix developed and produced the first Vise Top ... Insulators, where a conductor clamping mechanism was designed into the top of the insula... Add to My Library
Aerial Cable Systems Applications
Mfg: Hendrix Wire And Cable Published: 2001 Version: 2001 Catalog 16 pages
Spacer Cable was invented by Bill Hendrix in 1951. ... It is a messenger supported primary electrical distribution system using covered conductors in close triangular configuration. ... The system has the mechanical strength to weather severe storms and the electrical strength to prevent temporar... Add to My Library
Wire and Cable
Mfg: Hendrix Wire And Cable Published: Version: Catalog 9 pages
HQ2000 .175" TRXLP 15 KV CONCENTRIC NEUTRAL ... UNDERGROUND CABLE 100% INSULATION THICKNESS ... COMPRESSED STRANDING AND SOLID CONDUCTORS ... PHYSICAL DATA ... (PER ANSI/ICEA S-94-649-2000) ... Over Total Number Number Size Conductor Min. Over Max.Over Embedded Conductor Neutral Without Embedded Add to My Library