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Aldabra Lighting Technology 5.2
Mfg: Zaneen Published: 2012 Version: L4 5.2 709 pages
Aldabra is a well-known Italian business that develops and creates lighting systems with LED technology on a worldwide scale. ... American design community, and 30 years later continues to accrue its reputation as a purveyor of leading-edge European designs. ... Upheld by benchmark customer servi... Add to My Library
ProLicht L3 V6 Low Catalog
Mfg: Zaneen Published: 2013 Version: L3 V6 Low 696 pages
Prolicht has been producing in the tyrol, the heart of the Alps, for 18 years. ... ZAneen , founded in 1981. exclusive distributor for north America. ... vertical in house production. ... one Piece flow: every light is produced for the specific order. ... colour your light: lights in 25 colours a... Add to My Library
Panzeri Two Zero One Three V5
Mfg: Zaneen Published: 2013 Version: D8 V5 658 pages
Located in the heart of Lombardy, Monza is a beautiful city with a long and interesting history. ... The most impressive building in the area is the Villa reale of Monza, built in neoclassical style by 1ohn Piermarini in . ... Since Monza Park has been the home of the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza... Add to My Library
Black and White D8 4.0
Mfg: Zaneen Published: 2011 Version: D8 4.0 603 pages
Suspension and ceiling lamp in round aluminium tube. ... Suspension and ceiling lamp in squared aluminium tube. ... Create various compositions with optional joint D8-9020 ... Suspension in polished stainless steel and steel wires with decorative elements in ceramics. ... Wall lamp in gray metall... Add to My Library
Mfg: Zaneen Published: 2008 Version: D8 Catalog 456 pages
The Americans with Disabilities Act. ... Fixture meets standard EN 60598-1. ... The Italian Quality Mark Institute is an official body to guarantee and check that all equipment conforms with EC norms (34-21). ... Low-energy consumption bulbs can be fitted. ... The fixture can be applied on surfac... Add to My Library
L3 Catalog
Mfg: Zaneen Published: 2009 Version: L3 412 pages
Recessed light in rhombus shape with rounded edges designed by London star architect, Zaha ... Trimless built-in design, illuminating floating 8mm opal frosted Perspex diffusers. ... Pi-Quadrat series - a trimless version of the luminaire designed to be recessed flush with the ceiling. ... AR 111... Add to My Library
Architectural Lighting Catalogue
Mfg: Zaneen Published: 2013 Version: 659295 356 pages
Under no circumstance liability can be ascribed to Platek Light, neither for losses nor for any kind of damage caused either by stowage, loading or transport. ... The sales network promotes and sells the range of company products in Italy and abroad. ... Platek Light provide a full service to its... Add to My Library
Lighting Catalog
Mfg: Zaneen Published: Version: D9 234 pages
Extension ... GLASS TYPES ... Opal glass blown using traditional methods by a master glass blower. ... Glass stamped using traditional methods by a master glass blower. ... Optical glass curved through heat processing. ... BULBS ... INCANDESCENT Add to My Library
Decorative New D9
Mfg: Zaneen Published: 2013 Version: D9 2013 227 pages
8l!eGl3s$ ... optic:nal ... ZANE EN. ... '7 A \ lTJC\T 4 110,2ern) ... 08-3068 08-3059 ZANE EN. ... ZANEEN ZANBBN ZANEEN ZANEEN ZANEEN .£ . ... II I crn.I &- 115,6em) ... 1 ,, ... 11 cni.I ... %3 . ... ZANEEN {TI 1~ ... ;.~Add to My Library
Quasar Collection
Mfg: Zaneen Published: 2010 Version: D10 Catalog 155 pages
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