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Brad Harrison Designer's Guide
Mfg: Woodhead Published: 2000 Version: DW99032 366 pages
Delivering innovative solutions for complete connectivity, Woodhead Connectivity combines the products, expertise, and service to address the unique and evolving demands of industry. ... Our worldwide distribution and support infra-structure is committed to your success, with product-centric solu... Add to My Library
Product Catalog 37
Mfg: Woodhead Published: 2013 Version: 987650-7737 Rev 1 352 pages
Low-voltage options provide additional protection in wet or conductive locations. ... The transformer must be kept out of the wet or conductive location. ... In-line transformer converts 120V power to 12V for added protection in conductive locations. ... Low-voltage designs provide an added level... Add to My Library
Safety Performance Reliability Buyer's Guide
Mfg: Woodhead Published: 2004 Version: Volume 36 276 pages
Custom product solutions for tough applications are a tradition at Woodhead. ... With thousands of standard products and variations, your answer may be as simple and economical as a walk through our catalog. ... Despite a wide array of existing choices, some of you will be faced with an electrica... Add to My Library
Commercial Construction
Mfg: Woodhead Published: 2007 Version: DW2007204 148 pages
Product photos are intended to show device style only and are not intended to reflect indicated configurations. ... As a proven leader in delivering solutions for challenging construction environments, Woodhead continues to work closely with commercial construction customers. ... By developing pr... Add to My Library
Network Deigner's Guide
Mfg: Woodhead Published: 2003 Version: DW200202 CCH/DBH 148 pages
Brad Harrison and mPm products provide the physical conduits for data and signal flow in factory or other harsh-duty environments. ... Brad Connectors are the leader in harsh-duty connection systems in the industry standard reliable connector families. ... SST products provide solutions for netwo... Add to My Library
Aero-Motive Cable Reels
Mfg: Woodhead Published: 2005 Version: DWCRLCP 105 48 pages
Get the power to perform with the most advanced cable reels in the industry. ... Made with precision electri-cal and mechanical components, Aero-Motive reels are designed to provide top performance, long service life and ease of maintenance. ... With a huge selection of sizes, styles and related ... Add to My Library
Aero-Motive Festoon Systems
Mfg: Woodhead Published: 2005 Version: 04-05 48 pages
Aero-Motive offers a large selection of round and flat cable as well as cable connectors to configure your festoon system. ... Flat cable is ideal for festoon applications and can be ordered with standard PVC and heavy duty Neoprene jacket material. ... Wire rope systems are used for short travel... Add to My Library
Portable Lighting Catalog
Mfg: Woodhead Published: Version: Catalog 39 pages
Whatever your lighting conditions, wherever your location, chances a re Woodhead makes the portable light that best serves your needs. ... F rom fluorescent hand lamps for routine task lighting to the innovative series of HAZTEX® h a z a rdous duty lights for wide are a illumination – all over th... Add to My Library
Aero-Motive Balancers and Support
Mfg: Woodhead Published: 2005 Version: DWBT PALCP 28 pages
It’s a simple fact. ... Make a job easier to do, and you can do it better, faster, longer. ... Balancers and tool support systems by ... Woodhead improve the productivity of light assembly, packaging, and many other shop floor workers by keeping their tools out of the way when not needed. ... Wit... Add to My Library
Aero-Motive Hose Reels
Mfg: Woodhead Published: 2004 Version: DW200454 24 pages
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