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Contractor Product Catalog
Mfg: Bridgeport Fittings Published: 2011 Version: 50000 99701 296 pages
Inferior products that may appear to save you a few pennies can actually cost you dollars more – because they cost more to install. ... Stamping dies are electronically monitored to ensure quality stampings and zinc plating thickness is electronically monitored to ensure maximum corrosion protect... Add to My Library
Product Catalog
Mfg: Bridgeport Fittings Published: 2009 Version: 30000 99701 212 pages
The Bridgeport brand of quality, innovation and attention to detail shows up in every facet of every product we make. ... Quality fittings constructed of malleable iron, steel, aluminum and brass became the main product focus, and in 1948 the company’s name was officially changed to Bridgeport Fi... Add to My Library
Contractor Catalog
Mfg: Bridgeport Fittings Published: 2009 Version: 40000 99701 125 pages
Still privately owned and located in Strat-ford, Connecticut, Bridgeport Fittings produces America's number one quality fittings that are sold by distributors to contractors and other end-users in the industrial, commercial and residential channels of the electrical industry. ... The basic raw ma... Add to My Library
Formula for Customer Satisfaction
Mfg: Bridgeport Fittings Published: 2008 Version: 7500 28 pages
The building blocks that drive everything we do to serve you better and meet the demands of our customers. ... As one of the few major independent manufacturers left, we can afford to practice timely customer-centric decision making, instead of shareholder-focused numbers making. ... We back it u... Add to My Library
AC/MC Connectors
Mfg: Bridgeport Fittings Published: 2008 Version: 5000 BP070 8 pages
Die-cast zinc body with hardened spring steel locking device. ... 38ASP features clear wire path and easy push-through design that eliminates snags and wire insulation damage. ... Internal tension grips hold cable securely. ... Space between continuity tabs allows positive visual inspection of an... Add to My Library
Raintight Fittings
Mfg: Bridgeport Fittings Published: 2009 Version: 7500 BP078 8 pages
Whatever the size and whatever the configuration, Bridgeport has the raintight solution. ... You can get Bridgeport innovations for cable, EMT and rigid conduit, with more choices in 1/2” to 4” trade sizes. ... Our separate sealing rings ensure a raintight seal and split-type compression rings ma... Add to My Library
Spec Brochure
Mfg: Bridgeport Fittings Published: 2010 Version: 7500 BP250 6 pages
Bridgeport’s zinc fittings may be used on all American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funded projects. ... became aware of a military refurbishment project at Building IBOTA 1 in Fort Bliss. ... Realizing the project was specified USA Steel, they contacted the contractor and explained both the cos... Add to My Library
Zinc Standard for EMT
Mfg: Bridgeport Fittings Published: 2008 Version: 7500 BP-077 4 pages
Every little detail of every Bridgeport fitting is a big deal to us. ... Because we know error-free performance is a big deal for you. ... From initial design and testing to production and quality control, Bridgeport fittings are better because we pay better attention. ... If you want consistentl... Add to My Library
Colored EMT Fittings
Mfg: Bridgeport Fittings Published: 2007 Version: BP064 2 pages
Bridgeport colored EMT fittings and couplings come in eight colors to match popular lines of colored EMT conduit. ... So as you assign colors to runs for varying applications or to fit in with a project’s decor, your connections look cleaner and more professional – without painting or coloring. Add to My Library
Combination Conduit Bodies
Mfg: Bridgeport Fittings Published: 2007 Version: BP062 2 pages
Combination conduit bodies for both rigid and EMT. ... Units have a threaded interior for use with rigid as well as set screws for use with EMT. ... Eliminates the need to stock bodies for rigid and EMT. ... Available in Type C, Type LB, Type LL, Type LR and Type T in ... for use with EMT or Rigi... Add to My Library
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