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Proven Performance in LED Lighting
Mfg: Beta Lighting Published: 2011 Version: CAT-BRCh-BEDG6 46 pages
BetaLED is recognized throughout the world for excellence in delivering successful LED luminaires for interior and exterior illumination. ... BetaLED delivered the first successful LED luminaires after pioneering the development and advanced manufacturing processes needed to achieve consistent, r... Add to My Library
LEDWay Municipal Products
Mfg: Beta Lighting Published: 2011 Version: BRCH-BLWY3 24 pages
Proven Performance ... BetaLED leads all other LED luminaire manufactures in installed luminaire run time with more than one billion hours and counting1. ... A trusted leader in the LED luminaire industry, BetaLED provides creditable performance data that imparts confidence and predictability in ... Add to My Library
LED Uncompromising Brilliance
Mfg: Beta Lighting Published: 2009 Version: Cat-BRCH-BEDG4 24 pages
Uncompromising Brilliance ... Over the past several decades, we’ve earned a reputation for being the premium provider of quality lighting solutions. ... We don’t compromise when it comes to designing, testing or manufacturing our products. ... We don’t expect you to either. ... What goes into our... Add to My Library
Essentia Interior LED
Mfg: Beta Lighting Published: 2011 Version: BRCH-BES01 20 pages
BetaLED brings its renowned product benefits inside with Essentia® LED interior lighting that combines a breakthrough in performance and control with new possibilities for optimized lighting performance and value. ... Commercial spaces can now be brilliantly illuminated with a sustainable lighting... Add to My Library
LED Lighting Systems
Mfg: Beta Lighting Published: 2010 Version: BRCH-LEED1 16 pages
This extraordinary movement is in reaction to several important facts regarding the impact of buildings on the world’s environ-ment. ... By improving how we design and construct new buildings and how we remodel existing buildings, we can greatly reduce their environmental impact. ... Through LEED... Add to My Library
Beta Lighting Bulletin
Mfg: Beta Lighting Published: 1990 Version: B1690 16 pages
Beta understands the complex world of services have established Beta as a prominent industry leader. ... Product Design & Testing ... Product Design & Testing ... Beta engineers utilize the latest computerized reflector design and modeling techniques to optimize each reflector for maximum perform... Add to My Library
DeltaGuard Finishing System
Mfg: Beta Lighting Published: Version: Brochure 10 pages
'RROVV ... Beta Lighting has made its mark in the commercial lighting industry by pursuing a simple goal: to provide our customers with unbeatable quality and outstanding service. ... When it comes to lighting poles, brackets and fixtures, long-lasting quality starts with the finish. ... Anyone c... Add to My Library
Advanced LED Lighting
Mfg: Beta Lighting Published: 2010 Version: BRCH-BPT02 6 pages
It’s easy to upgrade your canopy lighting to state-of-the-art BetaLED luminaires. ... In a one-for-one replacement, lower wattage BetaLED luminaires will cut your energy use up to 70 percent and lower your maintenance costs. ... Choose from three options: ... For converting surface-mount HID lumi... Add to My Library
LED Slim
Mfg: Beta Lighting Published: 2011 Version: BPP01 6 pages
NanoOptic® technology, makes this IP66-rated area luminaire the most versatile to date, providing exceptional lighting performance and reduced total cost of ownership in a variety of applications. ... The linear light engine design accommodates up to 60 LEDs to allow for customization of illumina... Add to My Library