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The Outdoor Collection
Mfg: Artemide Inc. Published: 1994 Version: 48-93 47 pages
pole ond bollord mounted luminaires providing diffused incondescent or energy soving compoct fluorescent lighting for ceiling. Diffuser in opoline white hondblown glass. plate mounting to stondard octagonal junction box . Agloia pole - provided with baseplote for anchoroge. Nisiros Ceiling or wall mounted luminoires providing diffused, incondescent or energy saving compact fluorescent lighling for autdoor and indoor areas. Add to My Library
Ghidini Outdoor Lighting
Mfg: Artemide Inc. Published: 1994 Version: 1994 Catalog 29 pages
dlSlrlbUlcd by Artc:mide Inc. National Sales & Customer Sen'ice Center 19M ~C" Iligll\\J)' FannmgdJk. NY 11~3) Phone 116.69 .. 9291 F JX: 1i16 ('19., 92"1) Central Regional S:tles Offiet' !M \h''II Nnzle ~ret'l PhOOt: jlHHI O"iIO Fax jl!.fHIRlfH ChICJgo. 11.60(110 Weslern Regiona] Sales Omce Add to My Library
Mikado LV Halogen System
Mfg: Artemide Inc. Published: 1994 Version: 47-93 16 pages
Electrified track in n extruded aluminumnum, fed by ied i Supplied with an adapter, the spotlights are designed to house 50/75W igned halogen lamps, type MA-16 lensed. ps The Mikado track component is s made of two aluminum extrusions (Hne and (Une neutral). It may be suspended from the ceiling by means of feed double rods (1) and suspension single rods (2). Add to My Library