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Condensed Systems Product Guide
Mfg: Alpha Communications Published: 2013 Version: AL005 8 pages
For any size building with 2 or more apartments, with any number of entrances, we can provide a system to meet your needs. Choose from plastic, aluminum, stainless steel or solid brass apartment stations. Select from over 130 different models of open-voice and handset type apartment intercom stations, for conventional or digital-dial type systems. Add to My Library
QwikBus Video Intercom and Audio
Mfg: Alpha Communications Published: 2013 Version: AL013 4 pages
Mix and match color video monitors and audio only open voice intercoms on the same 2 twisted wires! Stations in 6 decorator inspired finishes! stations are all surface mount and protrude from the finished wall less than 1". You can choose from the FS1000 se-ries (without internal communications) or the FS1500 series (with internal communications for up to 3 units per apt.), all on the same 2 twisted wires. Add to My Library