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Product and Price Guide
Mfg: TCI Published: 2009 Version: 23312-08 82 pages
United States, TCI reserves the right to require a letter of credit drawn on a United States bank payable at sight against presentation of shipping documents or to require a cash payment before shipment is made. ... Terms and open account status are subject to change for failure to pay outstandin... Add to My Library
H5 Active Line Conditioner
Mfg: TCI Published: 2007 Version: 25379 14 pages
The KRF Series 3-Phase Power Line Filters have been designed as engineered solutions for equipment malfunctions due to unwanted high frequency electrical noise. ... These frequencies can be from either noise conducted through power lines or radiated through the air onto the power lines. ... Desig... Add to My Library
KDR Optimized Drive Reactors
Mfg: TCI Published: 2006 Version: Rev.01-01-06 12 pages
Customers demand quality and performance at a price that translates to "optimum value". ... TCI, the drive industry's leading provider of value added technology, is proud to introduce the KDR ... Series of Optimized Drive Reactors. ... This is the latest addition to a family of reactor products w... Add to My Library
Motor Guard High Performance Output Filters
Mfg: TCI Published: 2006 Version: Part No.23738 8 pages
Next Generation in Motor Protection ... In the continuing search to improve energy efficiency, many commercial and industrial power systems are turning to the technology of PWM (pulse width modulated) output power supplies. ... The ability to convert standard utility power into variable-frequency... Add to My Library
HG7 HarmonicGuard Series
Mfg: TCI Published: 2005 Version: Pub No.25220 8 pages
HarmonicGuard® Series Drive-Applied Filter ... As power utilities continue to be pushed to the limits of supply capability, rising energy costs and decreasing power quality will continue to be an issue for consumers. ... Users continually search for ways to not only reduce energy costs, but also ... Add to My Library
KLC/KLCUL Output Filters for Drives
Mfg: TCI Published: 2003 Version: Rev.02-10-03 8 pages
As the technology of Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) Drives are incorporated into various applications and processes, the increased energy savings and decreased maintenance on Drives can be offset by increases in ... Motor failures. ... The dV/dTGuard product family has been designed as an engineered... Add to My Library
V1000 KLC Series Motor Protection Filters
Mfg: TCI Published: 2005 Version: 25383 Rev 10.28.05 8 pages
This compact design has been developed with space sensitive applications in mind. ... The V1000 greatly reduces motor failures on VFD applications by limiting the magnitude of voltage spikes to levels below 1000 volts and slows down the rate of change of PWM switching by a factor of three. ... Th... Add to My Library
3-Phase Line Filter KRF
Mfg: TCI Published: 2011 Version: 23736 v1.2 4 pages
Non-Linear Loads can draw harmonic current from the source, resulting in harmful high frequency noise ... EMI (electro magnetic interference), variable frequency drives included. ... In the case of variable frequency drive, the electrical noise produced is primarily contained in the switching edg... Add to My Library
HG7 Harmonic Filter Drive
Mfg: TCI Published: 2014 Version: 25220 v1.4 4 pages
Typical Problems, Superior Solutions with HG Filters ... Power quality has degraded over time due to the increased use of non-linear loads. ... The IEEE-519 standard for harmonic distortion was developed to address this problem. ... An increasing number of utilities are now mandating that this st... Add to My Library
Line Reactor KDR
Mfg: TCI Published: 2011 Version: 23320 v1.1 4 pages
Typical Problems, Superior Solutions with KDR ... Power quality has degraded over time due to the increased use of non-linear loads. ... Drives and other sensitive devices are vulnerable to electrical distortion on the line. ... Harmonics and Power Quality Variable frequency drives are beneficial... Add to My Library