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Low Voltage Transformers
Mfg: Ark Ltg Published: 2008 Version: 2008 Catalog 100 pages
CHROME WALL STEM BRACKET A10034 A10030/39 (39 inches) Bar 11.5 inches, cable adjustable up to 77 inches FLEXIBLE CONNECTION A10037 Supplied with wire - Black ASLV-6 LV MINI DOME All fixtures in the Industrial Line are pre-wired (for speedy installation) with four (4’) feet of 3-wire cord and a die-cast socket holder with a heavy duty ceramic socket. Add to My Library
Mfg: Ark Ltg Published: 2001 Version: Spectra 30 pages
Multipost poles complete the palette. 3 SCALES The Spectra is a fixture program allowing you to configure a look in harmony with your architecture. The SP1 and SP2 offers you the freedom to specify the size, finish and optics to compliment to your design. The SP10 is a high wattage fixture designed to illuminate parking areas of the site using taller poles and wider spacing. Add to My Library
Induction Lighting Systems
Mfg: Ark Ltg Published: Version: Induction 23 pages
A fluorescent lamp without electrodes or filaments, the induction lamp has an extremely long life of 100,000 hours. This is four to five times the normal service life of a conventional fluorescent lamp. The system comprises an electrode-less fluorescent lamp and electronic control gear, achieving luminous flux values that no fluorescent lamp has ever achieved before. Add to My Library
LED High Power Lighting System
Mfg: Ark Ltg Published: Version: LED 21 pages
Highest quality long life LEOs .. LowTj for long life, low lumen depreciation * :-u' 4.4" r--:-u' '.M~ (113jnm) INTEGRATED COOLING FIN: Release the heat efficiently to maintain the life of led and led drive. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS * * LowTj for long life, low lumen depreciation * Add to My Library