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Product Catalog
Mfg: NSI Published: 2015 Version: 662381 610 pages
NC, and stocking representatives serving all regions of the US. We have what you need to do your job daily, right here in this catalog. Take a look and see why so many distributors and contractors choose NSi. All dimensional data is listed in inches. Panelboard style for multi-conductor with NEMA mounting hole spacing for turn-prevent and secureness. Add to My Library
Tork Electrical
Mfg: NSI Published: 2014 Version: 2014 Catalog 408 pages
TORK® is NSi Industries largest brand, covering the categories of Electromechanical and Digital Time Switches, Signaling and Alert Devices, Pool and Spa Controls, Residential Timers, Photocontrols and Occupancy Sensors. For over 90 years, TORK brand recognition and reputation for quality and design make it the most specified brand in the industry. Add to My Library
Electrical Catalog
Mfg: NSI Published: 2010 Version: 2010 Catalog 268 pages
USA! We maintain inventories at levels conducive to complete on-time deliveries and have earned reputable status for our same-day delivery program. NSi Industries is made up of a team of individuals who love our products and our company. We enjoy coming to work every day to provide excellent service and to make it easy on our distributors. Add to My Library
Tork Controls
Mfg: NSI Published: 2014 Version: 2014 Catalog 170 pages
When ambient light levels drop at dusk, lighting is needed to provide safety and security. The proper selection of lighting controls is essential to ensuring that energy is only used when needed. An efficient lighting control design creates zones of light levels that can be varied by time at night. Add to My Library
Trade Price List
Mfg: NSI Published: 2003 Version: 156 pages
At NSi, our goal is to develop unique and dependable products that make life in the field easier, your work safer and the finished job even more professional. Our product is always available and our terms can be found on the last page of this catalog. This style is supplied with removable access plugs to close the entry port not being utilized. Add to My Library
Spec Grade Energy Controls and Signals
Mfg: NSI Published: 1997 Version: B-GEN 115 pages
TOR K photoelectric controls are designed and manufactured with components which adhere to the highest industry standards. Trained personnel and in-process quality contro assure that each and every unit meets our strict quality standards. Models are available with fixed position or swivel. All models meet the latest ANSI require ments for locking type prongs and colo coded voltage designations. Add to My Library
Tork Full Line Retail
Mfg: NSI Published: 2014 Version: 2014 Catalog 92 pages
Huntersville, North Carolina From it’s start in 1975, NSi has established itself as a leading supplier and innovator of unique connectors and wire management products. Today, we are one of the most trusted U.S. suppliers of quality tools, wire management essentials and high-quality timer products to over 5000 commercial, industrial, and residential contractors as well as thousands of homeowners throughout North America. Add to My Library
Wire Mgmt and Protection
Mfg: NSI Published: 2005 Version: June 68 pages
Suitable for use in all kinds of electrical and mechanical applications such as cable insulation, wire bundling, and reinforcing. High quality unvulcanized rubber that will bond quickly to itself to form a solid mass of watertight protection. Can be used as primary insulation for electrical wires and cable splices up to 600 volts. Add to My Library
Lighting Products Innovative and Competitive
Mfg: NSI Published: 2010 Version: January 68 pages
NSi Full Cutoff Wallpacks have a tempered flat glass lens with die cast hinged front and rear housings, keting and stainless steel hardware. SPECIFICATIONS: NSi Semi Cutoff Wallpacks have a tempered frosted anti-glare glass lens with die cast hinged front cover for easy relamping and servicing. SPECIFICATIONS: NSi's Full Cutoff Radius Wallpack features a clear glass lens, hinged for easy relamping; bronze powdercoat finish and heavy duty die-cast housing. Add to My Library
Mfg: NSI Published: 2004 Version: June 60 pages
Versatile and reusable set screw connectors made of 6061 T-6 a'iuminum alloy. Suitable for use with both copper and aluminum conductors. Large size set screw connectors with multiple mounting holes for a secure, turn-prevent connection. Mounting hole spacing is 13/4" from center to center. Mounting hole spacing is P/a" except 35OT·2 which is 5/a n Add to My Library
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