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Integrated Home Control Systems
Mfg: HAI Published: 2009 Version: 72257 00523 138 pages
Your HAI dealer can discuss and advise you as to what options are best for you. ... HAI offers complete integrated home solutions for every lifestyle and budget with a full range of home control systems and accessories. ... Homeowner’s increased energy awareness and desire for security helped HAI... Add to My Library
Product Catalog
Mfg: HAI Published: 2010 Version: 72257 00523 112 pages
C3, homeowners gain added security when the unexpected occurs and land line ... We look forward to a great new year with each of you. ... marks the 25th anniversary of HAI providing the best in home automation. ... Year after year, HAI raises the standard in home automation technology. ... What a... Add to My Library
Home Control Systems
Mfg: HAI Published: 2008 Version: Product Catalog 104 pages
Want to keep up with the latest at HAI? ... Increasing consumer demand, new products and the ability of our systems to save energy and the environment will assure a great 2008 for you and HAI. ... In addition to growing our engineering and technical support staff, we have installed a call center ... Add to My Library