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Wiremans Guide
Mfg: Alcan Cable Published: 2007 Version: BW-0096 60 pages
Alcan Cable is a leading manufacturer of transmission and distribution cable, service cable and building wire. ... Product offerings include a full range of bare and insulated conductors as well as modular wiring systems to the electric utility, commercial and industrial markets. ... This catalog... Add to My Library
Bare Overhead Transmission and Distribution Conductors
Mfg: Alcan Cable Published: 2007 Version: UT-0003 36 pages
wired to innovate ... This information is presented in good faith, but no warranty, express or implied, is given nor is freedom from any patent owned by Alcan or by others to be inferred. ... While reference is made to procedures and practices of certain specifying agencies, the appropriate local... Add to My Library
Modex Modular Wiring Systems
Mfg: Alcan Cable Published: 2006 Version: MOD-0001 36 pages
These customized, complete pre-assembled branch circuit wiring systems are designed to meet the contractor’s electrical design requirements. ... 5-pin connectors ensure a correct installation every time ... Simply set the bracket, run branch circuit to the power supply and plug in ... These syste... Add to My Library
Service Cable Canadian Product Catalogue
Mfg: Alcan Cable Published: 2009 Version: UTCDN-001 24 pages
aBout tHiS Catalogue ... This catalogue is intended to provide technical data on service cable for installation in residential, commercial, institutional and industrial premises. ... Such installations are governed by the requirements of the ... Canadian Electrical Code Part I, and enforced by th... Add to My Library
Stabiloy Field Pocket Guide
Mfg: Alcan Cable Published: 2012 Version: BW-1012-1112 22 pages
*The rating of the overcurrent device shown above is in accordance with the NEC® for single runs. ... Data is approximate and subject to normal manufacturing tolerances. ... 2. Standard lengths are subject to normal manufacturing tolerances of ±10%. ... 3. Two or more conductors can be paralleled... Add to My Library
Modex Modular Wiring Systems
Mfg: Alcan Cable Published: 2009 Version: MOD - 0001 8 pages
Alcan Cable is the leading manufacturer of aluminum cable, rod and strip products operating throughout ... North America. ... For over 100 years, it has provided its customers with quality products and outstanding customer service. ... Alcan Cable is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and has seve... Add to My Library
Aluminum Multiplexed Overhead Service & Secondary Cables
Mfg: Alcan Cable Published: 2007 Version: UT-0004 (08/07) 8 pages
Alcan Cable’s Multiplexed Overhead Service and Secondary Cables provide exceptional performance and reliability. ... Alcan provides a full range of overhead service and secondary cables available in constructions of one or more insulated conductors and one bare neutral conductor. ... Insulation o... Add to My Library
Stabiloy Service Entrance Cable
Mfg: Alcan Cable Published: 2003 Version: BW0010 8 pages
SE Style U (SEU) Service Entrance Cable which can be used for both above ground service entrance and interior wiring applications.As with all of Alcan’s products, our Service Entrance Cable offers unique product attributes, top notch quality and excellent properties. ... In addition, all SE type ... Add to My Library
Stabiloy MC Cable
Mfg: Alcan Cable Published: 2007 Version: BW-0007 8 pages
30 years, I was trained using EMT or ... Rigid conduit and never considered any other method. ... I have discovered that sometimes change is a good thing. ... Installation is so much easier that I now use apprentice-level electricians for most of my Feeder and Sub-feed installations. ... I am pro... Add to My Library
Aluminum Underground Alguard
Mfg: Alcan Cable Published: 2005 Version: UT-0002 6 pages
Alcan Cable’s ALGUARD™ two layer ruggedized cables provide outstanding performance and reliability when used in underground circuits where extra protection from mechanical abuse is required. ... The two layer ruggedized insulation on the phase conductors and neutral is com-posed of an inner layer... Add to My Library
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