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Feeder Pillar & House Service Fuse Links
Mfg: Ferraz Shawmut Published: 2009 Version: CLIFS-FP/HS001 12 pages
Shawmut, Carbone Lorraine’s Electrical Protection Division, offer innovative solutions to enhance the safety of low and medium voltage installations and equipment. Above and beyond the supply of products, the company also provides added value in the form of technical support for OEMs, electrical contractors, panel builders, plant maintenance department and utilities. Add to My Library
Semiconductor Fuses
Mfg: Ferraz Shawmut Published: 2009 Version: BR-Semicond-001 8 pages
Semiconductor fuses that meet every major standard. “...the fast action of semiconductor fuses significantly limits the short circuit current.” Standards may change from country to country, but the need for safe, reliable circuit protection for semiconductor applications is the same the world over. Add to My Library
Thermal Mgmt Products
Mfg: Ferraz Shawmut Published: 2009 Version: BR-Therm-K001 8 pages
Ferraz Shawmut is able to exploit a number of cooling technologies (air, phase change, and liquid) enabling us to meet every need from 40 to 25,000 W/m2x0C. This is complimented by our cooling unit offering that covers the entire thermal loop. ouR Ferraz Shawmut (formerly R-Theta Thermal Solutions) offers thermal management products and cooling solutions that play a crucial role in protecting semiconductor and power electronic systems by offering patented technology that absorbs and dissipates heat from critical components. Add to My Library
High Power Switches
Mfg: Ferraz Shawmut Published: 2009 Version: BR-HPS-001/5000 6 pages
High Power Switches are critical to your operation. Not only do they help protect your people from injury, they help protect your equipment and processes, and minimize the risk of costly downtime and repairs. You need a switch that will meet your unique needs. Ferraz Shawmut’s standard High Power Switches encompass a wide range of DC and AC switches designed to handle high current/low voltage and high voltage/low current applications. Add to My Library
Power Electronics Solutions
Mfg: Ferraz Shawmut Published: 2009 Version: BR-PES-001/5000 6 pages
The relentless pursuit of electrical protection for power electronics. Ferraz Shawmut brings the relentless pursuit of power electronics protection to your door. You can build on our extensive product offering, industry-leading technical expertise, and unsurpassed service. A global manufacturing company with a century of experience, Ferraz Shawmut has remained strong and viable by consistently focusing on our day-to-day mission — ensuring the integrity of the equipment our devices protect and the safety of people working around them. Add to My Library
Surge-Trap Surge Protective Device
Mfg: Ferraz Shawmut Published: 2009 Version: BR-ST-002/2500/10.08/STASSOC 6 pages
Surge-Trap® offers a patented high performance thermal overload technology that allows for higher safety ratings and protection. The impact is far-reaching and affects just about every aspect of business. It drives up maintenance and production costs, causes production delays, lost sales, late deliveries, as well as increased spoilage and scrap. Add to My Library