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Cross Reference Guide
Mfg: Ferraz Shawmut Published: 2007 Version: U.S. OT(15-60) 215 pages
Cross Reference Guide 18308d Ferraz Shaw Book Fin 7/30/07 12:05 PM Page 1 Competitor Ferraz Competitor Ferraz Shawmut Shawmut 18308d Ferraz Shaw Book Fin 7/30/07 12:05 PM Page 2 04-22058-04 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6,9URD30TTF0050 04-22058-06 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6,9URD30TTF0080 Add to My Library
Disconnect Switch Catalog
Mfg: Ferraz Shawmut Published: 2007 Version: BR-SOC-001 132 pages
Ferraz Shawmut LBS load break disconnect switches have been designed for today’s industrial control systems . The LBS switches allow you to safely turn power to your motor on and off or to isolate a particular circuit within the panel . These switches are extremely compact and offer a variety of mounting options like DIN rail mounting, base mounting, or door mounting . Add to My Library
Overcurrent and Overvoltage Protection
Mfg: Ferraz Shawmut Published: 2007 Version: BR-NEC-001 20 pages
The recommendations by Ferraz Shawmut in this publication are intended to be in compli-ance with the 2008 NEC, however jurisdictions that adopt the code are solely responsible for any modifications and interpretations to be enforced by their jurisdictions. This rating has to be equal to or greater than the available fault current at their point of use as outlined in NEC 110.10. Add to My Library
Amp-Trap 2000
Mfg: Ferraz Shawmut Published: 2007 Version: BR-AMPTRAP-001/5000/6.07 10 pages
Your electrical system is your lifeline. A lifeline that can be cut by an arc flash can disintegrate. Bus bars can break. And components like switchgear, MCC buckets and motor starters can be destroyed, bringing your operation to a halt. That incident can cost your business a million dollars - or more - in liability. Add to My Library
Enclosed Disconnect Switches
Mfg: Ferraz Shawmut Published: 2007 Version: BR-EDS-001/7500 8 pages
Handles accept 3 padlocks to comply with OSHA lockout/tagout requirements Ferraz Shawmut Enclosed Disconnect Switches are designed to meet customer’s requirements for compact and durable individual disconnecting means. Both fusible and non-fusible versions are available in a variety of enclosure types resulting in one of the largest available ranges in the industry. Add to My Library
A4BQ100-600 Class L Dimensions, Class J Performance
Mfg: Ferraz Shawmut Published: 2007 Version: BR-CLASSJL-001 6 pages
single fuse for all applications Applications exist today where non-listed fuses are being installed in service entrance equipment and switchgear simply because there are no other alternatives. UL standard 248-10, Class L Fuses, do not include fuses with ampere ratings less than 601 amps. With the goal to protect people and equipment Ferraz Shawmut has developed the solution. Add to My Library
Ultrasafe Fuse Holders
Mfg: Ferraz Shawmut Published: 2007 Version: BR-ULTRAFB-001 6 pages
Ferraz Shawmut continues to lead the safety evolution with even more improvements to our popular ULTRASAFE fuse holders. Renowned throughout the industry for their forward-thinking design, ULTRASAFE fuse holders deliver more than “finger-safe” protection, they deliver the features both installers and end users demand. Add to My Library
Finger-Safe Power Distribution Blocks
Mfg: Ferraz Shawmut Published: 2007 Version: BR-FSPDB-001 4 pages
The features that today’s panel builders demand are available in a “finger-safe” power distribution block offering global acceptance, a compact footprint, and the snap-on simplicity of DIN rail mounting. Fingers simply can’t touch live parts. CE Marking ensures acceptance throughout the European community. Add to My Library