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High Power Test Lab
Mfg: Ferraz Shawmut Published: 2003 Version: FSTL2003 Q5000 8 pages
Ferraz Shawmut test facilities extremely productive and affordable for all your testing needs. Our customers turn to us to avoid the inconveniences of long lead-times for test dates, and to gain the advantages of rapid setup and change over times (e.g., circuit-switching in five minutes vs. one hr.) allowing us to provide you more “shots” per day. Add to My Library
High-Speed Class J Fuses
Mfg: Ferraz Shawmut Published: 2003 Version: HSJ2003 Q10000 6 pages
The Ferraz Shawmut solution: High Speed Class J fuses Many manufacturers of drives and soft-starters have sought to reduce costs by eliminating internal semiconductor fusing. This now leaves equipment vulnerable to component failure, and falls short of code branch circuit requirements. Therefore, it becomes the end users’ responsibility to protect the drives and soft-starters, while also providing branch circuit protection. Add to My Library