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Renewable Energy
Mfg: Hoffman Published: 2010 Version: #00027B 8 pages
With a broad range of Hoffman brand wall-mount and free-stand enclosures that can be used in combiner and re- ... Type 4X floor-mount enclosures, junction boxes, disconnect enclosures, wireway and instrumentation enclosures are ideal for fieldbus and rack and panel mounting applications Add to My Library
Uniprise Solutions Catalog
Mfg: CommScope Published: 2010 Version: 2010 Catalog 499 pages
... formed to offer products designed for switching and transmission applications in telephone central offices as well as secure environmental enclosures. ... Coax M ulti-Conductor Enclosures W orkstation ... - Snaps into standard faceplates, surface mount boxes and consolidation point boxes Add to My Library
Cabling System LCS2
Mfg: On-Q Legrand Published: 2010 Version: EXB10017 109 pages
19’’ LCS2 enclosures optimised management of cables and patch cords ... the enclosures are offering lots of space besides the ... The new LCS2 enclosures can be very easily assembled and dismantled. ... 5 Floor boxes 7 ... 5e cables, cords, zone distribution boxes and cooper feedthroughs Add to My Library
Smart Products. Ingenious Solutions.
Mfg: Leviton Published: 2010 Version: L-200 883 pages
L-200 ... . 336 Housings and Back Boxes . ... . 370 Fiber Enclosures and Adapter Plates . ... . 401 Telecommunications Enclosures . 405 PoE Midspans and WAP Enclosures . ... 445 Portable Outlet Boxes Industrial Grade ... Leviton recommends the use of deep wall boxes for Acenti installations. Add to My Library
Commercial Products for Electrical
Mfg: Cooper Crouse-H Published: 2010 Version: CPC-0710 273 pages
Conduit and cable fittings Enclosures Motor Controls and Electrical Apparatus ... 121-172 4”Square Boxes&Covers 4-11/16”Boxes&Covers Utility&Switch Boxes Gang Boxes&Masonry Boxes Ceiling Pans Octagon Boxes&Covers Outlet Box Accessories Non-metallic Boxes&Covers PRE-formance™ ... Complete Add to My Library
Cable Bus
Mfg: MP Husky Published: 2010 Version: Rev April 22 32 pages
Certified to C22.2 #27 (Busways) & C22.2 #201 (Metal Encl. ... Lightweight, ventilated enclosure that two men can easily lift ... Combining circuits within the same enclosure is available. ... for entry into switchgear, MCC’s, etc. Tap Boxes Tap boxes allow for intermediate load tapping. Add to My Library
Safety Products
Mfg: Allen - Bradley Company Published: 2010 Version: S117-CA001A-EN-P 824 pages
... protection by proper mounting in enclosures designed for specific application ... indicate an incorrectly selected or ineffective enclosure, unsealed enclosure openings (conduit or other) or incorrect ... Location Enclosures—NEMA Types 7 & 9 enclosures require careful handling so machined ... Add to My Library
Solutions for Contractors
Mfg: Graybar Electric Co. Published: 2010 Version: 805144E Fall 64 pages
. 59 hoffman . ... The standard fiberglass enclosure is non-conductive, impact-and UV-resistant and flame-retardant. ... Pass Through Boxes may qualify for federal, state or local utility incentives. ... Sheet steel and stainless steel enclosures are also available, as well as an optional ... Add to My Library
Networking Catalog Vol 9
Mfg: Hoffman Published: 2010 Version: Volume 9 286 pages
Further customize your enclosures with a broad range of accessories to meet your specific ... Pentiar Technical Products’ Hoffman brand offers a progression of server cabinets ... 38 Heat Dissipation in Electrical Enclosures ... Contact Hoffman if other loading specifications are required. Add to My Library
Heating Catalog
Mfg: TPI Corp Published: 2010 Version: 2010 Catalog 101 pages
Box lugs furnished for field connections within approved enclosure. ... Disconnect switch with enclosure door interlock. ... Control Panel: The control enclosure shall be non-metallic Nema 4X control panel ... The enclosure and elements are attached to the control panel with stainless steel ... Add to My Library
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